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The Ashelon Oracle Deck

This multi-cultural Steam-Nouveau deck is the three-year passion project of the Bram Stoker nominated artist Chaz Kemp. With his colorful, award winning creations he hopes to transport you into his very dreams. Along with card descriptions by author, Carolyn Kay, they will weave a spell over you so that you’ll never want to leave.

This 52-card deck is divided into four courts: The Court of Gears, the Court of Love, The Court of Faerie and the Court of Dreams. Each card is designed so that you can use them as oracle cards - but you can also play a ton of regular card games with them, and they’ll even add flavor to narrative table-top and Live-Action role-playing games!

The Ashelon Oracle Deck is finally ready and available for sale!  Have you ordered yours yet?  bit.ly/AshelonOracle